My parents have this strange preference of me not baking when it's warm. This normally doesn't bother me much, but since Oklahoma experienced some pretty warm weather the past few days, I had to put off baking this week's Tuesdays with Dorie challenge until the last minute. I was tempted to pass up this week's TWD because I have exams next week and have been studying like crazy, but I knew I would definitely not be able to participate next week when the test block was in full swing. Plus, I couldn't pass up on something called "Gooey Chocolate Cake," which was chosen by Leigh of Lemon Tartlet.

It was a late night baking session for this time around due to studying and my newest guilty pleasure, Dancing with the Stars (I can't help it! I used to idolize Kristi Yamaguchi, and she's totally kicking butt on the show right now). The recipe called for bittersweet chocolate, and I was super excited because I finally could bust open the Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate bar that I had purchased a couple months back. I was a bit nervous about chopping chocolate, thinking that it would require a lot of elbow grease, but it went smoothly.

Since everyone in my family has been trying to eat healthier and cut back on our sugar intake, I halved the recipe and only made three servings. My parents made fun of me because I had pulled out all of these bowls, spoons, and pans for only three little cupcakes. The mixing and baking portion of making this cake was really simple, but the cleaning was another story. I hate making such a mess when I'm in the kitchen.

Ingredients (from Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home to Yours; 3 servings)

  • 1/6 cup all-purpose flour

  • 1 1/2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 1/8 teaspoon salt

  • 2 1/2 ounces bittersweet chocolate: 2 ounces coarsely chopped, 1/2 ounce finely chopped

  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 4 pieces

  • 1 large egg, room temperature

  • 1/2 large egg yolk, room temperature

  • 3 tablespoons sugar
The recipe called for sifted flour, unsweetened cocoa, and salt. There is nothing more in baking that I dislike than sifting. I hate it even more than cleaning all of the pots, pans, bowls, and spoons that I use while prepping a cake. Though I have a handy-dandy 5-cup sifter, I still have a hard time doing it. Dry ingredients float everywhere; some don't make it all the way through the sifter. Then there is cleaning the sifter. I have no idea how to clean it; every time that I do, clumps of flour ends up sticking in the meshwork of the contraption. If you have any advice as to how to remedy this problem, please, please speak up.

After I sifted the dry ingredients, it was smooth sailing from then on. The butter and bittersweet chocolate melted nicely together, the eggs and sugar whisked up beautifully, and the thick, dark batter filled three cupcake molds perfectly. Everything was smooth sailing until I cut into one of the Gooey Chocolate Cakes. It must have been an early April Fool's for me because the little cakes weren't gooey at all in the center. I followed the directions and baked them for the 13 minutes that the recipe called for, but I didn't end up with molten cakes. Did I mix the batter too much? Was my light hand not light enough? Since I only had 3 servings instead of 6, did I need to decrease the cooking time? I don't know, but it didn't really matter in the end because the cakes tasted good with a nice dollop of ice cream on the side.

I will probably make this recipe again sometime in the future because I really want to experience a gooey chocolate cake. I mean, who doesn't like molten chocolate flowing from a baked morsel?


  1. Marie said...

    Ohhhh, your cake looks delicious! I really loved this cake even if it wasn't as gooey as I had thought it would be! Your picture is wonderful!  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Yours look like mone, fudgey but not molten. If I figure out why it happened to me, I'll tell you too! lol

    (using the sprayer attachment at the sink helps blast the flour out)  

  3. Donna said...

    Your cake looks luscious! Nice close-up photo too. More goo would have been nice for me too!
    It was a lot of mess for a few cupcakes, wasn't it? Good thing they were awesome!  

  4. Karina said...

    Your cakes look delicious! I agree about all those dishes though, particularly if you halved the recipe. Washing the dishes practically took longer than mixing the batter!  

  5. Rebecca said...

    Oh, a pairing of guilty pleasures. Awesome.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    Your cakes looks delicious!! :)

    Thanks for your comment.. Here is the recipe for the molten lava cakes I usually make.. Enjoy! :)  

  7. LyB said...

    I don't mind the mess so much, especially when I'm baking with chocolate. You know, bowls and spatulas to lick, it's fun! :) Your cakes look great!  

  8. Anne said...

    Looks delicious! I'm totally with you about Dancing with the Stars... when she did the Gwen Stefani song I was instantly sold! Good luck with your exams!  

  9. Gretchen Noelle said...

    Lovely looking cakes! I totally comprehend the no baking when it is hot out. Yeah for Kristi! (I went to HS with her but I don't get the show here in Peru, so it is great to hear!!)  

  10. Dolores said...

    I sit here this evening snacking on the last of my Dorie cakes, commenting on the others that have posted, and watching this week's DWTS result show with bated breath. That and Top Chef are my TV guilty pleasures  

  11. CB said...

    I used ghiradelli chocolate too. Its so yummy. Glad you were able to participate in the gooey-ness :) GL on your exams!
    Clara @ I♥food4thought  

  12. Cecilia said...

    Thank you all for stopping by and reading through my little "rant" about cleaning. Even though washing dishes isn't my cup of tea, it's all worth when you bite into something as yummy as Dorie's Gooey Chocolate Cakes.

    I'm glad to know that there are some other DANCING WITH THE STARS fans out there, and I think it's ridiculously cool that you used to know Kristi, Gretchen.

    Thanks for all of your kind words and support. I will most certainly need all of that luck next week.  

  13. Amy said...

    Your cake looks awesome. And wasn't the mess well worth it? I loved these little treats.  

  14. Jane said...

    YUM!! Looks so good... I will definitely try this recipe. =]  

  15. Jaime said...

    great job! i would decrease the baking time if you are making fewer cakes next time. i made fewer cakes but they were on the larger side so they were still super gooey in the middle. definitely give it another go! :)