I can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since I've last made a post! I'm terribly sorry about the long stay away, but I had some more pressing issues to attend to (i.e. five exams last week). I survived a excruciating test block and am now back with a vengeance! I'm pretty excited about the two baking projects I have lined up for this week.

Anyway, the last exam of my test block ended on Friday, and I was ready to have a good time on Saturday. Luckily, my brother had decided to organize a fashion show featuring local clothing businesses and local models for that night. So on Saturday night, I got into my car and headed down to Norman. My first stop was Campus Corner.

Campus Corner was something I didn't fully discover and take advantage of until my senior year of college. It's a little square area within walking distance of campus and just filled to the brim with local eateries and boutiques. It even houses my favorite little bakery, Cookies 'n' Cards, which serves this divine Pistachio Fudge cupcake. Saturday night I decided to meet with a dear friend and eat at The Earth.

The Earth is a fairly new vegetarian eatery, and it's quickly becoming my favorite. Before all of your carnivores out there (I'm guilty here) get all grossed out at the prospect of eating some hippy, vegetarian place, you really shouldn't knock it before you try it. The place serves some fantastic imitations of traditional meat dishes such as Messy Mary, the vegetarian sister of Sloppy Joe, and "Chicken" Ranch Burger. My friend and I ordered burgers, a Chili Cheese one for him and a avocado/vegan mayo/alfalfa sprouts one for me. We were quite pleased with our meal, which was served with a side of potato chips and corn tortilla chips. The potato chips were really tasty, and they are now on my list of to-order for next time.

We finished the meal by trying the vegan raspberry cheesecake. The cheese cake looked so beautiful with its gooey layer of raspberry sauce and its chocolate graham cracker crust. I was pretty excited and had some high expectations because my brother had said it was good. However, the cheesecake fell well below expectations. The raspberry sauce was way too tart and too overpowering. I couldn't taste and enjoy the "cheesecake" middle nor the chocolate crust. I was disappointed with the cheesecake, but my main plate more than made up for it.

Once my stomach was full of meatless goodness, I headed over to campus and witnessed an awesome fashion show. The clothes were cute, the runway music was TOTALLY AWESOME, and I couldn't have been prouder of my brother.

I was even introduced to a new band--Voxtrot, who opened and closed the fashion show. All together, it was a fun night and a good way to celebrate the end of my test block.

The Earth Cafe
750 Asp Avenue
Norman, OK 73069


  1. Peabody said...

    I'm a meat eater...but I have had some great meals at all veggie spots.  

  2. Cecilia said...

    For myself, I was a bit apprehensive about eating at The Earth since it was a bit expensive and no meat was served. I mean, don't we usually pay extra for some chicken breast strips or meatballs to go with our pasta dishes? Why pay more for not having it?

    I decided to give it try because my brother loved the place. Here was a guy who used to claim that he didn't feel quite full unless he consumed some kind of meat product with each meal, and he enjoyed the vegetarian place. I was really pleasantly surprised by how good everything tasted during my first visit to the cafe. I only wish that my part of the world had more vegetarian and fresh eateries.  

  3. Allie said...

    I really wanted to make it down, but I couldn't do it with already going to the Rock and Roll Garage Sale and Biting the Apple. I'm glad it was fun!  

  4. Cecilia said...

    I'm sorry that you missed it, but Biting the Apple probably more than made up for it. I hope you had a crazy fun time at the gala.