Heartwarming: Lazy Birthday

Please excuse my lack of activities recently. I've been a bad blogger, but it's not without reason. I've been busy eating sushi, shopping in Dallas, receiving flowers from a dear friend in Arizona, acquiring a new microplane for the kitchen, and obsessing over what is now known as the biggest blockbuster movie ever (and rightly so). I've been enjoying birthday celebrations and haven't stepped near the oven for quite some time. I think it's better for my waistline not to make any baked goods at the moment, especially since my family and I are trying to get through my behemoth birthday cake. It might be hideously decorated, but the cake is pure goodness. Mmm. Nothing hits the spot quite like Sam's Club chocolate birthday cakes.

I hope you all are doing well. I will be back in full spring soon. In the meantime, run out and watch The Dark Knight, marveling at the sheer genius of everyone involved with this film.


  1. Megan said...

    Happy Birthday!

    You didn't make your own cake?! Shock! Actually, I happen to like Costco's cakes, and although I've never had Sam's Club, I'm sure it's just as good!