Though the whole cramming experience leading up to final exams can be horrendous, there is one great thing about studying for test blocks--dining out. Since quite a few of my classmates study on campus, we tend to eat out quite a bit during our study breaks. Yesterday, my friend surprised me in the afternoon by taking me to Kaiser's Ice Cream Parlor.

Located on probably the only roundabout in Oklahoma City, Kaiser's is actually a historic landmark. The name of the cafe inside of the building is somewhat more modern--Grateful Bean Cafe--but the decor of the place is vintage through and through. Decked out in 1950s soda shop style, Kaiser's seemed to be the perfect place for an ice cream break. Even some of the people working at the parlor were dressed for the part (check out lady in the background of the picture). The best part about Kaiser's is that it serves homemade ice cream. Some of the flavors, like the vanilla on the right side of the picture, are all organic.

While my friend went old-fashioned route, I decided to try the tiramisu-flavored ice cream. My friend definitely won this round; the vanilla flavor was fresh, strong, and totally delicious. My only complaint about the vanilla was that you can actually taste the fat from the cream or milk used to make the ice cream. Its texture kind of clung to the roof of your mouth, which became a bit unsettling after a while. Other than that, I thought the ice cream was great and can't wait to try some of the other flavors. I might even go to the cafe for lunch some day. While we were waiting for our ice cream, my friend and I browsed through the menu and spotted many delicious-sounding, wholesome dishes.

A bit of warning: the ice cream a little pricey. It was about $3.25 (including tax) for a cone and single dip, but I felt like it was worth every penny, especially since they give you such large scoops.

Grateful Bean Cafe at Kaiser's
1039 N. Walker Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102