After much thought during my leave of absence from this blog, I have decided to shut down A Spoonful of Sucre. Updating it became a chore for me, and I certainly don't need another task in my life. Thank you to all who have come along on this short journey with me; I really appreciated your support!


  1. Megan said...

    Sorry to see you go, glad to have met you!! I understand completely, it is a lot of work to keep a blog current and up to date.

    Good luck with your future endeavors!!  

  2. chezus said...

    Sorry to see you go ... i have loved reading your site, your food and your wonderfully warm sense of humor! Wish you the best!!  

  3. tRISh said...

    this is so sad: you're so good with food and receipes but I understand. It's so much work!
    Anyway, I hope you won't delete it cos I haven't tried everything yet :)
    good luck with your studies, hoep you're doing well.
    miss ya  

  4. Randall said...

    Giving up huh? I expected better of you!!  

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