Happy Friday the 13th! Even though this date is synonymous with bad luck, I'm feeling lucky today because I am finally writing about one of my favorite restaurants in the area--Cafe Antigua. Serving authentic Guatemalan food, this little restaurant is a frequent haunt for my friends and me. It had been a while since I ate at Cafe Antigua, so I met up yesterday with a friend for lunch there.

I ordered the usual--Motulenos (above), which is two over-medium fried eggs served on a bed of tortilla and mashed black beans. Slices of fresh avocado and queso fresco top it all off, along with chirmol, a tomato-based sauce. A handful of tortilla chips completed the dish. My friend ordered his usual--Migas, which is a plate of eggs and black beans served with a side of fruit salad topped with mango sauce. Being high-rollers, we decided to treat ourselves and split a papaya smoothie.
The meal lived up to all expectations and definitely did not disappoint. My eggs were just right, the avocado slices were firm, and the tortilla chips had a great crunch. All of the simple tastes of my dish came together well to create a flavorful and fresh experience. I can't really describe my meal; I wouldn't come close to doing it justice. I felt like it was everything a meal should be--filling, fun, and delicious. The dish itself was already filling, but each order was served a starter soup. Then my friend and I drank a smoothie on top of that. I was completely stuffed when I finally put my fork down. The meal was so filling, that I seriously had problems staying awake when I reported back to work after lunch.

If you are ever in the area, I highly, highly recommend eating at Cafe Antigua. It's a good place for breakfast (which is served all day) or lunch, and it has GREAT meatless options. Even though I'm not vegetarian, I rarely order a meat dish here. Don't get me wrong; the meat options are wonderful as well. No matter your food preferences, there's something for everyone at Cafe Antigua.

May no broken mirrors cross your path today!

Cafe Antigua
1903 N Classen
Oklahoma City, OK 73106