Friday night was my school's awards banquet. As you can imagine, it was a pretty dry night since all that awards banquets really do are hand out plaques to people and give recipients a chance to acknowledge everyone that's contributed to their success. However, I had some pretty great company, so it was bearable. Plus, I got to finally check out the Skirvin.

The Skirvin is a hotel located in downtown Oklahoma City, and it's considered historic in this part of the country. It was recently renovated, so I was pretty excited to see the fancy decor. The ballroom certainly lived up to my hype; a grand staircase led up to a mingling area that was decked out overhead with Anthropologie-esque chandeliers.

The hotel was definitely nice, but I couldn't say the same for the food served us that night. The chicken was dry, there wasn't enough sauce, and I could have done with more of the vegetable medley. However, the hotel more than made up for the less than stellar entree with dessert. Pictured above is a chocolate mousse tower, and it was super rich and divine. I loved it, but I think I liked my friend's carrot cake better. Fortunately, he learned to share sometime during his childhood so I got a pretty good portion of his cake. If only I could have taken a better picture of the worries, since I'll be making some carrot cupcakes tonight for this week's installment of Tuesdays with Dorie.

Until then.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Wow! It suddenly does looks like a good chocolate mousse. I'm glad your friend shared his cake with you... those are the only friends that are worth it. haha, just kidding!
    I'm looking foward to see those cupcakes!  

  2. design for mankind. said...


    And yes, I'm moving to Wordpress! :)  

  3. Cecilia said...

    Isa: Totally agree that friends that share are the only ones worth having. I hope you are making the cupcakes as well this week...

    Erin: I can't describe how cool it is that you've left me a comment. I love your site!! I can't wait to see what develops over at Wordpress for you.