Taking advantage of the beautiful Spring-like weather, I had lunch on the patio of Saturn Grill today. Located in a more affluent area of Oklahoma, this place serves very down-to-Earth meals that taste equal parts healthy and delicious. The cooks serve up items ranging from tomato and mozzarella salads to Caribbean jerk chicken sandwiches. Today, I decided to indulge in the blue cheese burger, a special on Mondays during the winter. The hamburger was made to order, served on toasted flat bread, and topped with spinach, tomatoes, and crumbles of blue cheese. The toppings really added zing and freshness to the dish.

My friends and I decided to revel a bit more in the sun and study out on Saturn Grill's patio. The area lacked wi-fi (unless you were willing to pay for wi-fi provided by the Starbucks next door), but the grill had some fabulous cookies. I thoroughly enjoyed their pumpkin cookie, a nice billowy, cakey morsel topped with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon. The cookie was high in pumpkin flavor, so much so that each bite tasted like pumpkin pie. I thought the sweet looked so pretty that I took a study break to capture a snapshot of it on my camera phone.

Before I go back to studying, I have to share a really moving story about a dolphin and its heroic ways. It's short and sweet, and it really brightened my day.

Saturn Grill
6432 Avondale Dr
Nichols Hills, OK 73116