Oklahoma doesn't stereotypically bring to mind much aside from fields, football, and singing pioneers trying make a life for themselves out in the Great Plains. However, this state does have its fair share of cultural shindigs, and I attended a wonderful one this past Friday when Untitled ArtSpace had a reception to welcome a new exhibit, Art 365. Featuring the works of six local artists, there were definitely some great pieces on showcase that night. My favorite artist of the night was by far Betsy Barnum, and through a bit of stalking, I found out that she has a blog! Check out her work, and prepare to be amazed.

The art was nice, but what really took center stage for me were the food and drinks available to gallery visitors. Viewers could enjoy some wine or a non-alcoholic beverage while they surveyed the art. It was a great compliment to the cheese and chocolate served that night. Though the chocolate was of the standard Hershey's brand, the cheese was phenomenal! There were rounds of brie, Jarlsberg, and a couple of other cheeses I had never tasted. My favorite was a semi-creamy white cheese rolled in an herb mixture. If you have any idea what this type of cheese is, please, please let me know ASAP. I couldn't get enough of it Friday night and would like to sample it a bit more.

As I was leaving the gallery for the night, I regretted not taking a picture of the food table. The cheese and chocolate was prettily arranged on a rustic, heavy wooden table. I'll just have to make due with the photo above, picturing a couple of measly crackers, pieces of cheese, and Hershey's pieces. C'est la vie.

Untitled ArtSpace
1 NE 3rd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73104