New Beginnings

The unhurried pace of life has passed since I've finished undergraduate school and moved on to post-graduate studies. Time that was once spent taking mini-road trips to Dallas or watching art house films is now dedicated to memorizing motor-sensory nerve pathways and hundreds of Latin terms. A pressing need to study and live among textbooks hangs constant over my head, time has now become an enemy, and computers are my BFFs.

To counter the stress and monotony of my day-time job as a student, I've decided to turn back to simplicity. I'm rediscovering a lifestyle like that of my childhood when personal computers weren't rampant, fast food joints weren't the restaurants of choice, and sending letters through the U.S. Postal service was the greatest way to communicate with a best friend who had moved away. This blog will follow my progress as I learn how to bake, sew, knit, crochet, enjoy the simple things of life, and basically infuse a bit of sweetness into my day.


  1. tRiSh said...

    I'm so glad you're doing a blog, I really enjoy reading my friends' blogs.
    yours is simply beautiful and positivly good for me. I love that you give recepies: I'm gonna try some for sure and tell you all about them :)
    continue to make me happy :)

  2. Cecilia said...

    It's early yet, but I'm enjoying the blogging process so far. I also like read my friends' blogs and had hoped to visit yours, but mabulle's server was down.

    If you ever try out any of the recipes, tell me how they turn out. If you need help converting measurements, just let me know.